The Real Me…

What if I tell you I’m not as happy as I try to be on my fb, instagram, or YouTube channel…

What if I tell you I’m not always looking picture perfect as in pictures I upload on my fb, instagram or whatsapp…

What if I tell you I’m not always motivated as I seem to be from my blog posts on WordPress and statuses on fb…

What if tell you I don’t eat all the classic, air of Michelin star meals as I show on my social media…

What if I tell you…

I’m very often sad, some times depressed, I suffer mood swings in my periods, sometimes before and after it as well. I only click my pictures when I really am sure that I’ll look perfect or I take them from an angle that fakes my real body type and make me look prettier. Almost everyday I doubt myself once if I really will be able to achieve something in my life as it seems to be running out of my hands. 

What if I tell you…life on my social media is not what I live..and the life I live is not on my social media.
That’s why it’s called social media because it has the things that you do in a society..and of course each one of us is a completely different person in private…



You live less & die more!

You dream less & worry more,
You love less & hate more,
You release less & restrict more,
You do less & think more,
You care less & expect more,
You smile less & scream more,
You trust less & doubt more,
You share less & want more,
You visit less & wait more,
You hear less & speak more,
You live less & die more,

You live less & die more…

He wanted s*x!


They met each other 3 months ago.

They got married.

He was a virgin, and so was she.

He wanted sex.

BUT, she didn’t want it the very same night.

BUT, it doesn’t matter. She has to give him what he wants. Whenever he wants. Wherever he wants and however he wants.

BUT, this isn’t right. So what? They are now married. It is his right to have sex with his wife.

BUT, she is not feeling well. She is in pain. She also loves him, she also wants to sex with him.

BUT, his demands are all that are important. He is the man. He is the husband. His desires are vital and forever to be fulfilled by her.

BUT, what about her. She is also a human. She married him. She left her family. She is right there from this day on forever for him.

BUT, that doesn’t matter. If he wants to have sex right now, she has to deliver. She has to comply. She can not deny.

BUT, she is not denying. She is just not in a mood.

BUT, she isn’t supposed to have such a mood. Her mood should be kept to herself. Or she should throw it away. She has to do what he demands.

BUT, there ain’t any ‘ifs and buts’…

They met each other 3 months ago.

They got married.

He was a virgin, and so was she.

He wanted sex, and he had it!

You know what’s wrong..


You know what’s wrong..when you tell yourself to change because someone else would like you more than now,

you know what’s wrong..when you take 2 steps ahead and 4 steps back because you want to achieve your goals quick,

you know what’s wrong..when you think your gender should get equality but other genders should be put down for it,

you know what’s wrong..when you tell yourself you are someone superior just because you studied some place ranked higher in a list,

you know what’s wrong..when you yell at someone just because you’re angry and you’ve got right to do it as you’re the parent,

you know what’s wrong..when you want things to change but you don’t put much efforts into it as that’s not your business,

you know what’s wrong..feeling bad about your life while checking out happy fun updates on social media of your friends simultaneously you doing the same,

you know what’s wrong..projecting a better but a fake version of you in the society to be admired but expecting others to be real,

you know what’s wrong..praising and blindly following your religion without questioning anything but disliking others doing for theirs,

you know what’s wrong.. a lot of other things. Think about them, at least once and LIVE a BETTER LIFE..because it’s your STORY and you gotta make it CORRECT!

🙂 just, Love Yourself!

…because you are the only person who can be YOU,
you’re the only one who can truly do justice to your life,
you’re the only one who can tell yourself the best and the worst critics ever,
you’re the only one who cannot lie to you,
you’re the only one who can live your life you want it to,
you’re the first best friend of yourself,
you’re the one you can always trust,
you’re the one you need to explore,
you’re the one you can rely upon in crisis,
you’re the one who knows you inside out,
you’re the one who can laugh loud on your jokes and cry in pain,
you’re the one you can have the back always,
you’re the one who can believe in you no matter what happens..
you’re the only one ...the only one in this entire Universe!



For — Yourself!

The best thing you can do to yourself — ‘I believe in ME’, and you’ll watch the miracle yourself,

the best words you can tell yourself — ‘I am STRONG and I can cry loud’, and you’ll feel the lightest,

the best effort you can do for yourself — ‘Try to be once your TRUE BEING’, and you’ll never want to change,

the best advice you can give to yourself — ‘It is okay to do MISTAKES’, and you’ll always learn to improve,

the best moment you can give yourself — ‘Stay ALONE for once’, you’ll realize your own worth and people around,

the best critic you can have for yourself — ‘I am not PERFECT’, and you’ll love the imperfections in you and others,

the best gift you can give yourself — ‘Live your own DREAMS’, and you’ll respect each and every second of your life!