…think again!

It isn’t your perfection that gets appreciation,
it’s the strength to keep going,
overcoming the mistakes and the weaknesses,
challenging your limits with your efforts,
brining smile on your face in most sorrowful moments and getting up again after every fall..

Your pain wasn’t seen by many but your smile was,
your hard work wasn’t given much attention to but your success was,
your tears dried on their own but your happiness was shared,
your nights were lonely but your days were full of achievements,
the difference you made with your life was the only thing they remembered,
after you stopped breathing..

You can judge the person with basic clothes as a no-fashion sense guy,
you can label the girl with the red lipstick as an attention-seeker,
you can call a mother careless because she doesn’t fit your body stats,
you can label the person dumb just because s/he couldn’t do math,
but for me..you shall forever be judgemental – the one who judges others but is himself perhaps mental..



Said the girl to …

You don’t look at me with that strange expression on your face because you’re surprised but because I am something new for you,

you don’t discuss bad stuff about me and my body because you hate me but because you don’t have something else to do,

you don’t want to throw paper planes at me during the lectures because you want to disturb me but because you can’t concentrate on your own,

you don’t laugh at me because I’m looking odd but because you’ve got to show people you can smile,

you don’t push me unknowingly while walking around but because you want to pull yourself to get people’s attention,

you don’t ‘eeiiww’ me because I’m looking ugly but because you want to be called pretty among others standing around,

you don’t think I look like a beggar because I wear poor clothes but because you seek attention for the worthless money you’ve got that unfortunately couldn’t buy you true friends,

you don’t bully me because you like it but because you bully yourself each moment, every day to get the life you always wanted but never had…

… said the girl to herself, looking at the mirror and left for the day to begin, never accepting the way she is!




..because I have realized, I have started!

Life is about learning and earning the best of everything. The best of values, culture, religion, belief and many alike. My mind somehow always ignored the notion of growing old with increasing age and slowly – with time – this notion seems to get more bold and strong. Ageing, for me, is just a procedure and age is a parameter of the same, your cells in the body can go weak, your power might mitigate, your skin may loose and none of these biological processes are under your control (although medical researches are trying to control this and have been successful but not completely). On the other hand of the biological process, if you desire your vision of looking at this world can increase to a million times, the ability to listen and think before you act can improvise and the ultimate being – in our case the Human – shall stay alive in the memories and as an improvised human being in the history of mankind. I am of very strong opinion that we – only with the power of realization and comprehension – can take hold of the time and our lives and try not get old, die and lost in history forever. I believe, we have the potential to grow young with time by growing in our thoughts. With this realization that I’ve came across in my life I…

  1. I have stopped judging people as I realized, ‘the judgements most of the people around me had were simply my circumstantially affected behaviours’,
  2. I have stopped lying because I realized, ‘a lie is a pleasant and comforting form of breaking trust and faith that could’ve been saved otherwise’,
  3. I have started greeting people when ‘someone’s smile made my weak and stressful day’,
  4. I have started complementing people about their beauty since, ‘it is not the beauty that appears on the face it is something people carry within their souls’,
  5. I have learned to stay quiet in conversations because, ‘sometimes it is the listening ear and calm body language that makes people relieve their stress and smile again’,
  6. I have started forgiving people ‘when I realized I beg and expect for the same forgiveness from others when I am wrong’,
  7. I have started appreciating the love and concern of my family and friends since I realized ‘the best of what they can give to me is the time they have me in their thoughts’,
  8. I have started donating my time to the needy because I realized ‘sometimes it is not the quantity of your donation but the quality of time you spent with them’,
  9. I have started valuing small moments of happiness with my loved ones since I realized ‘it is the life I live in these moments and not only the moments in my life that matters’,
  10. I have started to watch my thoughts and desires because I realized ‘thoughts shape your mind and mind affects your entire lifestyle’…


So, as life is about learning and earning the best of everything why not start with your own self and stay young at mind and heart forever!!




10 -9 -8 -.. Think More, Continue and Enjoy the Success!

Well, thinking is something I am addicted to these days! Phewww, no wonder why there are n number of books, poems, articles and similar stuff in this world. The more I think, the more I want to think and the more I think –I think – “why the hell I am thinking so much??”. But, actually, I found out that its good to think since it allows you to:

1. Think about something – anything – no matter what, then,

2. Eventually you will end up thinking about yourself, then,

3. You will desire to know your own self more, then,

4. You will carefully watch your habits, actions, surroundings and other things, then,

5. You will be able to see more clearly what is not in order, then,

6. You will try your best to bring things in order and arrange them, then,

7. You will see still things are problematic and will question What Now??, then,

8. You will be desperate to know more and you will think deeper, then,

9. You will find the problems like social issues, family issues, study issues, work issues and the like, then,

10. You will try to arrange them 😉 , hopefully – but gradually – you will succeed, then,

11. You will think what can be done now, and then,

12. You will think, ‘how could I do everything, I just did?..Impossible. I can’t handle so much of stuff on my own’, then,

13. You will……naaahhh…

this time you will NOT THINK but will have faith in Yourself that You are Amazing and You could handle, arrange, make things in order and refurbish the world around you into a LOVELY PLACE!!

So, next time you start thinking, don’t go mental, Just Think More, Continue and Enjoy the Success!

😉 😀 😛 🙂

you are the world you wanted to BE!

a trip to the land of fairies and flowers,
where you see everything flourishing and happy showers,

one step ahead takes you to the cuddle spot,
one step back brings you back to whatever you thought,

looking with telescope will show you the beautiful universe,
this awesomeness is not which in a short blink of your eye would disperse,

you walk, run and dance freely with no fear,
there’s no need to see with glasses since everything is crystal clear,

a freedom to think, talk, discuss and implement is what you get,
this is the place where with your best buddies you have met,

you cook, you eat,
on the best music ever you tap your beat,

come back home, sleep, waiting for the new sun to rise,
this is world is beyond imagination and cannot be compared with any price,

BUT, where is it? Haven’t heard about this before,
have searched everywhere, from the top till the core,

I cry, I feel sorrow and pain,
things that I had imagined were so amazing, but weren’t possible..how could I be so lame,

I sat in the corner, quiet,
in the dark, surrounding me was no light,

suddenly, it was brighter again, flowers in the garden and sun up its height,
I wonder how is it possible, in a fraction of second things went bright,

I heard then my heart calling me, what you’ve been searching out, its within you,
fake is what you have outside, inside resides the one who is true,

stop searching the world which you possess,
to have it out is not a hard process,

look within you and you will find,
there are many things to smile and less problems to unwind,

walk ahead with a lovely heart,
bring to the upfront your best cards,

and then you will see,
you have been the world you always wanted to BE !!


Full of hate – thinking to be great!l

In this world of passion and hate,
People envy each other and call themselves great,

With heart full of anger and fire,
They feel pleased in killing each other’s desire,

What is the point of teaching the kids to love one another,
When anyway after growing up they decide to fight with their own brothers,

Love is human nature and this is what brings us to humanity,
Why, still, inside our hearts we have so much of calamity,

Being kind and calm is how it is supposed to be,
There is no other way where we can let our souls free,

Rama, Christ or Buddha – who so ever you follow,
All have taught the human race to be kind to their fellows,

Judging who is right and who is wrong,
does this make any sense when life itself isn’t so long,

What could we ever achieve by blaming the other for the bad,
Why don’t we look inside our own lives and be glad,

I wonder when will be the day when we will realize,
We aren’t the strongest but the Time which flies,

Small is our journey on this earth and small is our presence,
Why can’t we make the best out of it and leave behind us a beautiful fragrance,

Together the ants can build a whole colony with the spirit to work in a team,
I wish we too could understand it and not just sit and scream,

We have the power and the opportunity to build the entrance to humanity this date,
Let us build with this our own fate,

And not let bad things happen in this world of passion and hate,
Where people envy each other and call themselves great..


The better side of destiny !

Listening to my wealthy friends about their worries and dying hope,
I feel bad when they say “life has less reasons to live and smiling is beyond scope”,

Worries are also not real just imaginary and for a short time,
Some of them need more money from their job and some’s diamond ring has lost its shine,

Some say they want to break their relationship and run away,
“I’m fed up of my parents and siblings” is what some others say,

Few want to buy each month new trousers and new handbag and caps,
Others just party every weekend not realizing the time lapse,

Marriage is a burden for some and children for some others,
some want to have stress-free life and run away from their ever complaining mothers,

I wonder, have they ever felt what a homeless feels,
no friends, no family, no party and every single day his smile is what his bad destiny steals,

Sitting nowhere in the middle or corner of a road or station,
what they feel, happy or sad, sick or healthy no one is for them to pay attention,

Some are homeless and some jobless, some just orphan since years,
all they have some nice memories of few seconds and rest is all tears,

I wish we could understand the pain and stress of them and stop complaining about our small worries,
there are more worst things in people’s life in real and not just in stories,

All I’ll say is have strength to fight back the little worries you have and support the poor and the needy,
what can someone have from shooping everyday and have more money like a greedy..

Listening to my wealthy friends about their worries and dying hope,
I wish soon they’ll see that everything they have is already beyond the better side of destiny which they can merrily cope!