In Love.. and staying ForEver <3



It is not the life you lived, money you earned, abroad trips you made, educational degrees you’ve got in your wardrobe, medals hanging on the wall, diamonds in your jewelery, collection of your handbags but,


  1. The MOMENTS you loved yourself,
  2. The APPRECIATION you gave yourself,
  3. The KISS you blew at the mirror,
  4. The HUG you gave yourself when no one was there,
  5. The FIGHT you won with yourself,
  6. The SLAP you slapped your cheek with when you did wrong,
  7. The CRAZY ADVENTURE you did alone,
  8. The WINK you made and told you’re self pretty enough to kill someone today,
  9. The DEEP BREATH you took and set new goals for your own life,
  10. The FRESH START you made after a long, dark and sleepless nighs,
  11. The PARTY of strangers you went all alone in and came out with many friends,
  12. The large size PIZZA you ordered and ate alone during a movie,
  13. The STRENGTH you built in your heart and told someone the right thing to do,
  14. The TEARS you wiped off your eyes and said to the mirror, ‘Nothing’s not gonna be fine, unless you make it that way’,
  15. The MAKE UP you tried not to go to the party but just feel the change in yourself,
  16. The DANCE you did in your room and pretended it’s party with friends,
  17. The FIRST STEP you took and made yourself proud of your victory over your fears,
  18. The DEFEAT you learned from and started all over again,
  19. The ENTIRE TIME you’ve been there for yourself, faced your sorrow moments and walked into happiness, decided to do something new and came back with new experiences, loved yourself as much as you can, and DECIDED to CONTINUE this FOR YOUR LIFETIME, and stay in LOVE with YOURSELF FOREVER!!!







The love we have for our own self is the best thing to compare with the love this Woman has for her Son/Daughter/Transgender child..This Woman is selfless, ready to fight with the world, is full of compassion and courage when it comes to her child…this Woman is called