so much to win and so little to lose..


We’ve got so much to win and so little to lose,
there’s much more to life than just a booze,

you can keep things straight or complicated as hell,
whose close to you and whose fake is hard to tell,

why bother when you’ve got so much to improve in yourself,
Oh, I forgot, grass is greener the other side and you’ve got little on your shelf,

you’re alone or you’re lonely are absolutely different things,
you’ve always got a choice better than a couple of drinks,

smiling to hide pain is what we’ve often chosen,
don’t forget you might create against yourself your own trojan,

loving who hates is not trap,
between just existing and living life is a huge gap,

lie to yourself and you’ll never be content,
filters in pictures hiding the real you is now the new trend,

cool to have countless followers on insta to press like your post,
real life no one says Hi, as if you’re a walking ghost,

get out of your own shell and live this life,
cut more cakes than once a year and stay alive,

we’ve got so much to win and so little to lose,
there’s much more to life than just a booze…


Advertisements just, Love Yourself!

…because you are the only person who can be YOU,
you’re the only one who can truly do justice to your life,
you’re the only one who can tell yourself the best and the worst critics ever,
you’re the only one who cannot lie to you,
you’re the only one who can live your life you want it to,
you’re the first best friend of yourself,
you’re the one you can always trust,
you’re the one you need to explore,
you’re the one you can rely upon in crisis,
you’re the one who knows you inside out,
you’re the one who can laugh loud on your jokes and cry in pain,
you’re the one you can have the back always,
you’re the one who can believe in you no matter what happens..
you’re the only one ...the only one in this entire Universe!



For — Yourself!

The best thing you can do to yourself — ‘I believe in ME’, and you’ll watch the miracle yourself,

the best words you can tell yourself — ‘I am STRONG and I can cry loud’, and you’ll feel the lightest,

the best effort you can do for yourself — ‘Try to be once your TRUE BEING’, and you’ll never want to change,

the best advice you can give to yourself — ‘It is okay to do MISTAKES’, and you’ll always learn to improve,

the best moment you can give yourself — ‘Stay ALONE for once’, you’ll realize your own worth and people around,

the best critic you can have for yourself — ‘I am not PERFECT’, and you’ll love the imperfections in you and others,

the best gift you can give yourself — ‘Live your own DREAMS’, and you’ll respect each and every second of your life!

Being Happy!



Don’t you care about the things around. They’re new today and will be old tomorrow, care about the people you’re blessed with.

Don’t expect people to do the same favour to you. You’re not them and they’re not you.

Don’t think about the society. It changes. It has! You stay the same and grow better each minute.

Don’t wait for others’ green flag. Take your time and make your life and be confident.

Don’t get into gossiping. The real fun is enjoying and celebrating the differences and not talking about them.

Don’t be dishonest. It takes courage to speak the truth and accept your mistakes or your actions. No one’s perfect 😉

Don’t be scared. Keep dreaming and keep working for your dreams. Failing and trying is a part and parcel of life.

Don’t try to be others. Have idols and influencers but do not try to become someone else. You’re the special you, respect and enjoy being you.

Don’t over think. Life is a thoughtful and meaningful journey to travel the world around you and the explore the World within you!