a thought I believe!



An abrupt lesson..now learned!

It is gradually that a seed seeded deep inside comes out and experiences the sun light, it grows and get leaves and twigs and beautiful flowers and continues to spread the beauty it has to make its surroundings even lovelier than before. So are the humans, invisible in the beginning but beautiful when grown with the Humanity – irrespective of the age, caste, religion, gender, ethnicity or job!


and you go on..


Walking on the streets, if you don’t receive a smile then at least GIVE A SMILE to someone,

if you can’t inspire someone with your work then at least GET INSPIRED,

if you can’t sing a song because you don’t have the voice for it then at least LISTEN TO a good one,

if you can’t dance because you’re scared or don’t know how to then at least ENJOY someone dancing,

if you don’t have something new to teach then at least LEARN something new from someone,

if you can’t do something good to someone or people around then at least APPRECIATE the good done to you,

if you don’t have something that makes you happy then at least BE HAPPY in the happiness of others,

if you don’t have any sorrows in your life then at least SHARE someone’s distress to calm them down,

if you can’t do a charity on your own then at least BE A PART of someone else’s and lend a hand to help,

if you don’t have a friend of your own then BECOME one for someone else,

…and if then you feel like a HUMAN, help someone else to BECOME one! Because at the end, it the kindness of a human that makes the Humankind!

So, if walking on the streets you don’t receive a smile then at least GIVE A SMILE to someone, and go one..


Being Beautiful..

The notion of being a beautiful human has nothing to do with trying to be one because each one of us already is that. One cannot be something that one already is. The only thing left is to realize it, accept it and spread it. Realizing the beauty we have within us, accepting that we all are indeed full of beauty in one or the other sense and spreading it with a smile, a hug, a pat on someone’s back and some kind words of appreciation is all about Being a Human, and in fact, Being Beautiful!



The Ends are Lose..hold it Tight!

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No, you don’t simply see and let it go, you see, think, wait and let it occur,
no panic, no worries and no concern, as they’re not your dreams that shatter,

it has become so easy to live inside our own casks, burning with anger and hate inside but wearing pretty masks,

walking out with selfish thoughts and self-centred life goals, in order to pay back we chose our leaders at the polls,

poverty, corruption, falling economy are results of bad governing politicians, we are the nicest of all even after endless, thoughtless and ruthless actions,

she got a Nobel peace prize and he too, wow we need more people like them to serve people around us, no matter how much high ignorance we carry within us against all that bad fuss,

it’s a high time we realize and step up to help on our own and not just expect others to do some good – so that we can clap just like wax clones,

if it is our world, our family and our life then it is our duty our moral obligation to help make this world a better place to live in and win over every tugging strife,

let’s not just simply see, let it go, think, wait and let unpleasant things occur,
let’s panic a little bit, not with worries but a bit more concern, as they’re not our dreams that shatter..

Be Alive, Live a Life,
Make it Big, Blow the fife,
Get up and run, Stand to Fight,
The Ends are Lose, if it is not You, then there is no one to hold it Tight,
So just, stay Alive and Live a Life!


not the world but the soul inside..!


History is what we know but future is what we can make and present is where we stand today,

every great achievement is once an impossible thought, an unseen dream, an unspoken fact,

but someone, one of us, gives this thought a shape, an eye to this dream and words to make it true,

but it is not easy, it is hard and demands tears and sweat, dedication and devotion, love and affection,

we are happy, privileged and strong today because someone (or many) have made the impossible possible,

and to return the favour and to fulfil our duty it is our turn to carry forward the legacy of proud being,

a being who is free and wise, a being who struggles with a smile, a being that can conquer not the world but the soul inside.

I know, all my fellow Indians, you celebrated Republic day today.. but let it not be the only thing we do, let us make sure to honour the generations which have passed and to build a much better way for the ones to come after us, come what may!!

Have a happy republic day!


I am..because we are!


I am no one to question any one’s choices and actions, neither their thoughts nor their decisions,

they do what they chose to and they enjoy it thinking this is the BEST they could do and that is acceptable too,

having ‘The Perfect’ opinion about their own lives, living that and enjoying that without regrets is what they all do,

but since when ‘I’ become stronger than ‘WE’, and how could none of us – with our open big two eyes – not see,

they are happy with their work and sometimes more happier with infrequent perks, what do others are left with they shove it off with a smirk,

they party hard dancing like a retard, and the money they waste..they just throw the food that doesn’t suit their taste,

they sleep with liquor and get up with a strong black coffee, they bitch about their bosses for short deadlines but then praise the same while getting a trophy,

these ‘they’ are sometimes are nice too, they often smile at people and don’t have many foes,

but in all this, ‘THEY’ forget to THINK, and TAKE CARE and BOTHER and REALIZE about ”THE THING” because of which they can breathe and exist,

they have forgotten about ‘THE GREEN’, ‘THE CLEAN’ and ‘THE SERENE’ …’THE Only Mother NATURE’..

the food they eat can starve them to death and the water they drink is the same where they can sink,

the air they breathe is already suffocated with toxins, no wonder they are building there own coffins,

they cut the trees and are happy to have huge sky scrapper buildings and then do not want to be blamed for disastrous endings,

they is not you, not me and not someone living close but us, WE are the true reason behind all this fuss,

no wonder we tend to blame every possible thing that we can, but I guess it is the EVIL human mentality that must be the first thing that should be banned,

what could we lose in being the better people of this planet, actually nothing but in fact learn a decent new helping habit,

we must learn not to be self-centred and to help NOT our selves first but the NATURE around us, saving it, making it better and help it prosper,

not only because it is an obligation or duty but I am..because we are, and we are because NATURE is!