You just bloom..



What others think about you is nothing that should worry you, what you think about yourself is everything the matters,

the moment you give up because someone called you a loser or underachiever is the moment everything you had built shatters,

the beauty, the achievement, the wealth are all subjective as the world was meant to be like this,

nothing can be compared to the love and hugs from family and a parent giving the child its first kiss,

you think and over-think and spend your life wondering whether ever you’ll be happy and content,

when it’s windy and stormy the straight and stout trees often get damaged but survives the one which got bent,

learn from your mistakes but keep doing mistakes as this is human nature and this life gives you endless chances,

human is blessed, in all possible ways, you will sooner or later experience it but look deeply and not in glances,

a flower was once inside a part of the plant but struggled with heavy winds, storms and the nature to bloom,

you get up and fight back – with you for you – and bring out the flower in you before you end up in a tomb,

and remember,

what others think about you is nothing that should worry you, what you think about yourself is everything the matters,

the moment you give up because someone called you a loser or underachiever is the moment everything you had built shatters!



The essential 5H’s for Humans..


It is indeed a matter of fact that humans are species with special strength and capabilities to find out problems, deal with them either finding solutions or creating new problems 😉 in return. Each one of us is living in his/her own problem box, some of which are created abruptly, some lingering on since a long time and some are just mental illusions (because human mind is pretty capable enough to create super fantastic unreal issues). What, in my opinion, common in all of us is the exhaustion caused by these so-called problems. No matter how big or small, new or old, easy or tough these problems are they create some sort of fatigue and panic that sucks out the happiness, peace, patience and most importantly our life from us. And this is where, we seek someone deliberately who can hold or hand and walk us out of the very gloomy dark cloud around us so that we can breathe the freshness of problem-free life.

A very small yet heart-touching incident happened to me this morning. A dear friend of mine was unable to start his car as the battery drained out overnight. The problem wasn’t the car mainly, but his family he had to drive to airport to catch a flight a couple of hours from that moment. He did not expect this and so each one of them were in the same gloomy dark problem panic attack – How to get this damn car started! After spending almost 20-25 minutes a person came for help, my friend got the battery charged and the car was all set to go. Each one of us thanked the guy who helped with his car’s battery and after thanking him each one of us went back to our homes. But this did not end here, in fact I would say, this is where things got started.

It is easy to let things go but when things like these happen, you must not let them go. In this whole 45 minute problem generation scenario, I could see clearly the ability of a human who could so easily cure a problem of another human. This is where I believe the core of Humanity lies. Basically, in my personal opinion, there are 5H’s that each human must possess: Help, Humble, Honor, Hope and Humanity.

Helping attitude is one of the first qualities we must nurture in ourself. To be able to think that we can be some help, is to be able to see through the problems of other people. It is not uncommon to have a helping perspective. We inherently learn to offer a helping hand to our family members, relatives and gradually to the friends we make. We know, we can be of some help to people we know.We know our loved ones will at some point in their lives need our help and so we are there for the same, always.

Humble heart and a helping attitude is a great combi pack in its own. We can have a helping attitude but with an impolite behaviour – and that makes absolute nonsense! We need to be kind and polite in order to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Most importantly, we need to stop our ‘expecting something in return’ behaviour to be on the tip of the iceberg.

Honoring the person with a humble heart and a helping attitude is much more than the above. People who help and are nice but later praise themselves and their act of kindness to others to gain appraisal don’t make any good, neither to themselves nor to the society. Such a behaviour is harming our own integrity and questioning the very own act of kindness performed a while ago. As charity begins from home so does honoring.

Hope is one big thing to talk about. Hope is what make most of us sleep every night and get up next morning to do our best. Hope is what keep us happy even if we are going through the worst days of our lives because we hope the worst to pass and the best to come over again. Creating this sense of hope in someone’s life or even a single day is an achievement to relish, a contentment in its own.

Having created hope extending a helping hand with a humble heart and honoring the dignity of self and the person is what HUMANITY is all about. None of us, trust me with this, lacks any of these H’s in us. We just need to sit down, look deep down inside our own selves, within our heart and soul, and we will find them there. As it is indeed a matter of fact that humans are species with special strength and capabilities to find out problems, deal with deal with them finding the best solutions and a Happy World in return.

Remember, you need not to be special but strong enough to make someone feel special.




The Ends are Lose..hold it Tight!

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No, you don’t simply see and let it go, you see, think, wait and let it occur,
no panic, no worries and no concern, as they’re not your dreams that shatter,

it has become so easy to live inside our own casks, burning with anger and hate inside but wearing pretty masks,

walking out with selfish thoughts and self-centred life goals, in order to pay back we chose our leaders at the polls,

poverty, corruption, falling economy are results of bad governing politicians, we are the nicest of all even after endless, thoughtless and ruthless actions,

she got a Nobel peace prize and he too, wow we need more people like them to serve people around us, no matter how much high ignorance we carry within us against all that bad fuss,

it’s a high time we realize and step up to help on our own and not just expect others to do some good – so that we can clap just like wax clones,

if it is our world, our family and our life then it is our duty our moral obligation to help make this world a better place to live in and win over every tugging strife,

let’s not just simply see, let it go, think, wait and let unpleasant things occur,
let’s panic a little bit, not with worries but a bit more concern, as they’re not our dreams that shatter..

Be Alive, Live a Life,
Make it Big, Blow the fife,
Get up and run, Stand to Fight,
The Ends are Lose, if it is not You, then there is no one to hold it Tight,
So just, stay Alive and Live a Life!


not the world but the soul inside..!


History is what we know but future is what we can make and present is where we stand today,

every great achievement is once an impossible thought, an unseen dream, an unspoken fact,

but someone, one of us, gives this thought a shape, an eye to this dream and words to make it true,

but it is not easy, it is hard and demands tears and sweat, dedication and devotion, love and affection,

we are happy, privileged and strong today because someone (or many) have made the impossible possible,

and to return the favour and to fulfil our duty it is our turn to carry forward the legacy of proud being,

a being who is free and wise, a being who struggles with a smile, a being that can conquer not the world but the soul inside.

I know, all my fellow Indians, you celebrated Republic day today.. but let it not be the only thing we do, let us make sure to honour the generations which have passed and to build a much better way for the ones to come after us, come what may!!

Have a happy republic day!


This Christmas..!


Well, I am from a country where people celebrate many festivals for many reasons spread over a duration of many months. Almost each month we have one or the other festival celebrating or continuing a tradition of beliefs and emotions. Born in brought up in Northern part of India, I am very well acquainted with Makar Sankranti, Baisaakhi, Vasant Panchmi, Holi, Teej, Mahashivraatri, Rakhshabandhan, Karwa Chauth, Id-ul-Fitr, Gangaur, Janmaashthmi, Raam Navmi, Dusshehra, Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Christmas and the list can still be extended…

India is a country with a population of more than a billion and in this billion chunk are thousands of several assorted communities having their own beliefs, traditions and ways to perform the various festivals. As a child, neither I had a precise idea nor I wanted to know the reasons behind many of these festivals. On a very simple note, either my parents told me basic reasons behind each one of them or I got to learn them in school from books or other friends. Gradually, getting acquainted with various different reasons from different community people was pretty interesting as almost every fourth or fifth person celebrating the same festival had his/her own family tradition behind it. But the elemental sense was the same celebration.

Celebration of love, togetherness, hope, forgiving, happiness and believing in being there for each other when needed, emotionally and mentally. People, irrespective of AGE, RACE, CULTURE, TRADITION, RELIGION, COUNTRY and GENDER are same throughout the whole world. I can say this not because I’ve travelled throughout but I’ve met so many that this conclusion can be made and perhaps hold valid. Each one of us desires to be loved, to be cared and caressed, to be pampered, to be forgiven when did a mistake and to be together with our own friends, family and other loved ones around. And I think, this is all what is the core of FESTIVALS.

The more we are growing and walking ahead in our lives the lesser we get the time to communicate with those who once were very close to us. So, this Christmas and the coming new year we can just try our best to celebrate at least one festival together with our parents, siblings, friends and lovers.

Life’s path is long, way too long if walked alone, but becomes beautiful and mesmerizing in togetherness like a gemstone.’




Our choice!

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They tried to thwart my inner beauty by questioning my appearance,
I answered back firmly, “who appointed you to do this to me?” and they said, “we decided to do, no one rules us, it is our choice!”

Yes, it is..indeed it is.

It is our choice to go out and smile and shine like a star,
it is our choice to bring things together before they set apart,

it has been our choice to mock at people around,
it has been our choice to make white pretty and everything evil that is brown,

in fact it is our choice to think big and big cash,
it is our choice to insult the dusky and treat them as trash,

it was our choice to bring home the pretty fair brides,
it was our choice which made dark coloured girls commit suicide,

it was our so called choice that dark children of the family was hated,
it was our choice to let them stand behind the wall that we’ve created,

beauty and attractiveness never came from the colour of the skin,
it was our choice to decide the beauty and never trying to skim,

well, it has always been our choice ..but the sad part is we never chose well!!