Making it better..



Complains, complains and complains!

We’re very good at that. He should have done this, she should have done that but not this and so on. Our complains never come to an end. It was her bad attempt, it was her mistake, his wrong decision, their incapabilities blah blah. We tend to blame each and every person we can possibly think of or spot around us. Nothing has ever been blamed on our own self. It is always others or the poor destiny that is the culprit.

I would’ve done it better”, ”I could’ve made it perfect”, ” if I was in control it would’ve been a big success..”. I wonder, seriously wonder, how can we be so naive in blaming and complaining and not realizing the core problem behind it. Perhaps, as we’ve been doing it since centuries we’re efficient and capable in doing that. We are so good at whining and pointing out the errors, imperfections and faults that we never ever thought of thinking beside all this crap.

We all want to be wise but, not think the way a wise person would,

we all want to be happy but, not want to let the child inside us stay alive,

we all want to have a beautiful life but, not want to create one…

We want to grow old, narrate our kids, grand kids and all other kids or young people the ”great things” we’ve done in our lives, sacrifices we made etc. But we never told or want to tell how to ”not blame” or ”not think” of bad and negative things but have a positive perspective about our lives and the World we’re living in. So what, if someone did something wrong and we couldn’t have what we could’ve had otherwise. Why not thinking at least we tried, made an experience and learned from it. So what, if someone wasn’t capable enough to do a job s/he still tried to do it and not everything ends in a successful result. So what, if things around are not according to us, we can be according to them or try change them…

Life is short to hate and blame things or people around but it is for sure long enough to love and appreciate people and make things better around for yourself and others!



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