Being Happy!



Don’t you care about the things around. They’re new today and will be old tomorrow, care about the people you’re blessed with.

Don’t expect people to do the same favour to you. You’re not them and they’re not you.

Don’t think about the society. It changes. It has! You stay the same and grow better each minute.

Don’t wait for others’ green flag. Take your time and make your life and be confident.

Don’t get into gossiping. The real fun is enjoying and celebrating the differences and not talking about them.

Don’t be dishonest. It takes courage to speak the truth and accept your mistakes or your actions. No one’s perfect 😉

Don’t be scared. Keep dreaming and keep working for your dreams. Failing and trying is a part and parcel of life.

Don’t try to be others. Have idols and influencers but do not try to become someone else. You’re the special you, respect and enjoy being you.

Don’t over think. Life is a thoughtful and meaningful journey to travel the world around you and the explore the World within you!




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