It’s okay not to have it all PerfecT!


People are unhappy, no matter what you give them, they’ll be unhappy. Each one of us once – for sure – has faced a time where we wanted to have things done the perfect way but somehow couldn’t and we blamed either our own incapabilities or the someone else’s for that. I am one amongst them, in fact on the top list. I have had uncountable number of days that didn’t go according to my wish and I ended up with grudges and bad moments. It took me time to realize, that’s okay.

It is okay to have a bad day, it is okay not to have something you wanted, it is okay to have a task unfinished, a deadline missed and I don’t know what more..We live in a World which is and can never be perfect, no day, no weather, no job, no situation, nothing is perfect. We are the biggest example of imperfection. From our childhood, we learn to do things without making mistakes, getting the best out of the situation and growing as a perfect person. But it isn’t that simple (in fact impossible). We always do mistakes – sometimes repeat the same ones again and again, we leave situation in a bad state – sometimes without even realizing it, and we do not grow into a better person. Rather a lunatic, searching for something not existing.

Life is beautiful. Yes, it is and it is worth mentioning a trillion times and more. Be thankful you’re not the person in Gaza or in Syria who is scared to death of bomb attacks. Be thankful you’re not the person begging on streets in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh who cannot even afford to eat once a day. Be thankful you’re not the person in a hospital dying of a chronic disease leaving your family behind. Be thankful rather than being sad of not having something accomplished. It isn’t the end of the World.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to get your things back in shape and get started, today is the day to relax, recall and being thankful for things you’ve enjoyed,

tomorrow is a new hope to get stuff under your control and get your strength to a next level, today is a day to rejuvenate from the battles you’ve won,

tomorrow is day to stand up and rise and conquer the World for your happiness and peace, today is the day to be thankful that you’re still alive and can still bring a smile on your face!




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