a KIND and a HAPPY one!


I have lived a life where I always wanted to have more of everything but today I learned to live minimally because less is really more,

I’ve been lying since – probably a child – and have pretty often lied to people I loved just to overcome the consequences but trust me it is good to tell the truth,

I’m expert in making excuses and not joining in numerous activities because I simply don’t know whether I’ll enjoy them but I think one must try everything without making excuses,

I am a true chatter box and can speak for hours on any topic (except history, geography etc.) and make people laugh but this isn’t it, I think one must be patient to listen,

I am an adult, in mid twenties, so of course I’ve met that I haven’t liked, almost hated and didn’t want – ever – to speak to but I guess it would’ve been better to have not held the grudges,

I’m a simple person who’ve lived a simple – sometimes, exceptionally, extraordinary – life and in my journey till date I’ve learned to dream really big,

I ain’t a weak person, I’m strong like steal and a diamond when it comes to fight back and this taught me to tackle issues as stepping stones to move on,

As I am a human, I have a certain level of intolerance that builds up into anger that explodes on others but gradually I realized it is kind to treat people with kindness,

I’ve been born and brought up in a country – India – where parents and family’s approval is most important but my family taught me to take my own decisions,

I’ve wanted so many things to be true, so many alterations in my own life to get it perfect but I learned to handle things the way they are,

I’ve lived one-fourth of my life and in this beautiful journey I have made mistakes, hurt people, hated many, spoke bad about others, dreamed nothing, lied and almost always wanted to change things… but in the same journey I learned to make sure that I forever KEEP LEARNING and KEEP GROWING as a HUMAN…and that too




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