…think again!

It isn’t your perfection that gets appreciation,
it’s the strength to keep going,
overcoming the mistakes and the weaknesses,
challenging your limits with your efforts,
brining smile on your face in most sorrowful moments and getting up again after every fall..

Your pain wasn’t seen by many but your smile was,
your hard work wasn’t given much attention to but your success was,
your tears dried on their own but your happiness was shared,
your nights were lonely but your days were full of achievements,
the difference you made with your life was the only thing they remembered,
after you stopped breathing..

You can judge the person with basic clothes as a no-fashion sense guy,
you can label the girl with the red lipstick as an attention-seeker,
you can call a mother careless because she doesn’t fit your body stats,
you can label the person dumb just because s/he couldn’t do math,
but for me..you shall forever be judgemental – the one who judges others but is himself perhaps mental..



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