..journey of the better You!


the days you spend thinking about what others will be thinking are wasted and never come back without regrets and sorrows,

the moments you spend living your life to satisfy others are the never coming back moments of your life that were forever borrowed,

the tears you shed for people you loved but they never loved you back will eventually dry but leave you in the dark,

the smiles you sacrifice to support the ones who never returned when you wanted them is lost forever and doesn’t bring you back your spark,

the bad thoughts you had in your mind for all people you hate will drag you in the deepest depression from where you can’t come back,

…and this is the biggest mistake we keep making in our lives – all over again – that not only destroys our happiness but tug us away from the right track,

so, spend your days thinking about yourself and making your life a better journey full of joy and smiles,

spend the moments living your life your way, satisfying your desires and dreams of childhood and share with yourself these precious uncountable miles,

shed tears in pain but shed them in happiness too and love yourself back through and through,

don’t smile when you want don’t want to but laugh out loud when you feel the joy and share it with others as it’s the only thing which is true,

throw way the bad thoughts and think what good can happen to you, when you live you way, loving yourself and laughing loud in this journey of the better version of You!




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