..be a good chap!

good chap

I waited for the bus for 30 minutes, it didn’t come but I was given a lift by a gentleman, and you tell me all men are bad,

I couldn’t understand the lecture, I tried 3 times in the library and the group next to me helped me score good in the exam and you tell me all students are mean,

I was injured as I fell from my bicycle, I was the one laughing at myself but people around gathered gave me water and dropped me home and you tell me public doesn’t care,

I was driving on the highway when the fuel finished, I called my friends but before they came a strange biker helped me with fuel and you tell me bikers are evil guys,

I was fat and started to run to loose weight, I didn’t look up and a girl passing by motivated me to continue till I achieve my goal and you tell me I will be embarrassed,

I was singing quietly as I don’t have a good voice but my roommate came and told me she loved the way I try to get the beat and you tell me people will laugh at me when I sing,

I was alone on Christmas eating bread butter when I had the best time with my – non-christian – friends baked me cookies and you told me Christ is only for Christians,

I was buying myself a dress for a wedding and didn’t had anyone to ask for when a random lady told me I look pretty in it and you told me people hate you looking good,

…and you told me this and that, if I go out in this world I will always feel worst and bad, I shall have sorrow moments and will forever be sad but never what lot a person could have…

and that.. that it is the perception of looking at the world and your will to


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