..and the life got stable!

It wasn’t long ago, when I had just finished my secondary school and was thinking deeply about choosing the major to continue my senior secondary education. It was complicated for me because this would decide my future. Well, hell yeah…The Future. A very lame joke I’ve been listening to while growing up was – ‘after this decision of your life, your life’s gonna better and stable’. Well, another hell yeah…Stable Life. Once, the school was done, I had to take engineering entrance exam and then of course the 4 yrs of Bachelors, followed with a couple of company entrance exams and interviews. And trust me, none of that looked ”Stable” or ”better”. Each time, I was struggling to get into a position where I had to struggle even harder. The interesting part is that until now, I’d not found the stability I was being told I’d found soon. Later I did my masters, got graduated, and today I am here, writing this blog hoping it’d make – at least – a bit of sense for the readers.

The interesting thing that I experienced in the last couple of years of life was the – stability. It isn’t unusual when people tend to love to be stable in almost every aspect of their lives. A stable field of study, job, marriage, kids and their lives and until the day they die. And, indeed, it is the stability that makes us feel not insecure about the random things happening around us. But, just because we close our eyes doesn’t make the surroundings dark. Things cannot be certain, they’re not meant to be. No matter how often we try to take control over stuff, we can never control them. And this is where, the lame joke turns into a delightful lesson.

It is not the life that becomes better but it is us who become stronger, more immune to fight the odds and win the even. It is not the life that become stable but us, who decide what to think over and what to avoid without worrying and moving on. The education we do, probably doesn’t help us in our job profiles or work but its learning does.  Life was, it is and it will be unstable, there will be unexpected ups and downs, number of good and bad moments to tear us apart, moments where we will question ourself and our judgment and decisions but, this is how it is supposed to be lived. But, this is what life is all about. It couldn’t have been better.

A better and stable life is not the life but it is you who is leading the life. Have you ever heard that a ship that made its own way to the shore, probably not. Because it isn’t the boat that is good it is the helmsman who brings the ship in a stable condition to hold and make it to the shore. And, here it is you to get your life-ship on a stable position to have a great and better journey ahead!




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