..to love yourself!


Sometimes, the time we spend by thinking and thanking of ‘how beautiful it is to be unique and special and how lucky we are to have a life full of wonders‘ is better than thinking of ‘What to do and not to do‘ for others to like us! It is not what you do what makes people like you but, it is what they want us to do and we do that. And from the very moment we begin doing things – against our choice and will – and in the favor and expectation of others we tend to loose ourself. The longer we continue, the more we are lost. The time comes, when for whom we did stuff change their priorities or liking towards others and this is where, we become invisible for them and lost for ourselves.

So, technically, to be visible is to appreciate your being, your presence. Accepting your weaknesses and strengths. Because it is what you are and were supposed to be. Being your own best is far better and satisfying than being someone else. And if you get a life then it is yours to live and to love yourself!



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