Said the girl to …

You don’t look at me with that strange expression on your face because you’re surprised but because I am something new for you,

you don’t discuss bad stuff about me and my body because you hate me but because you don’t have something else to do,

you don’t want to throw paper planes at me during the lectures because you want to disturb me but because you can’t concentrate on your own,

you don’t laugh at me because I’m looking odd but because you’ve got to show people you can smile,

you don’t push me unknowingly while walking around but because you want to pull yourself to get people’s attention,

you don’t ‘eeiiww’ me because I’m looking ugly but because you want to be called pretty among others standing around,

you don’t think I look like a beggar because I wear poor clothes but because you seek attention for the worthless money you’ve got that unfortunately couldn’t buy you true friends,

you don’t bully me because you like it but because you bully yourself each moment, every day to get the life you always wanted but never had…

… said the girl to herself, looking at the mirror and left for the day to begin, never accepting the way she is!





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