..and here I found the treasure!



With a twinkle in my eyes, I starred at those pictures and I wish I’d be at there place, I would’ve given what all I had to have them with me replaced,

With a dream in my heart to become like them, I lived a large part of my life’s years, I smiled in the public but have bled secretly in tears,

Appreciation, love and attention from the society is what all you need they said, I fought with the God I believed in spending sleepless nights in the bed,

I wanted to be like them, the ones who were being applauded for every action they did, in the meanwhile forgetting who I was instead,

Follow them, be like them, behave, sit, walk and eat like them is what I knew is to be done, being your own self – no matter what you’re – said none,

Longing for perfection and pursuing others to be like them had almost become the trend, but someone had to stop all this by putting this mess to an end,

You can struggle as MUCH as you can and as LONG as you can but you can’t be someone who you aren’t, stand in look in the mirror and be prepared to enchant,

A lesson I learned is the lesson I earned, the more I am myself is the more I am happy and content, it is my existence that makes me worth living and not anyone’s sarcastic comments,

As they say, it is not the breathes you take in life but the life you live in the breathes you take, the more you allow your self to the front is the more peace with your soul you make,

So, I decided, with the twinkle in my eyes, I now stare at myself as I found the treasure, if someone has to deny it, I’ve got my Thank you, with pleasure!:)


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