As the wise men say..!


I was being controlled by the thoughts of the people around me, I was told my TO DO’s and NOT TO DO’s,

I have been stopped by the tradition running since long, I have been asked to pray and believe in miracles,

I was told men come first, eat first, and then the women, I was shown examples following this since years,

I was always bought flower clothes with butterfly bed covers, I was asked to smell good and not do sport, as I’d sweat,

I was not considered admirable as I wasn’t pretty enough according to the norms of the society and therefore lot of time being mocked at,

I had single choice – not to choose but to obey, I was brought up to follow and not order, no matter what,

I was taught to forgive and forget and move on with a smile, I got accustomed to not speaking my heart and mind,


I never became what I never wanted to, had I been tamed – I never could know what I ever wanted to,

A human I was born as, a human life shall I live and make the choices for my life, I might get some smiles in return but some may be hard to survive,

No matter how bad my choices are they are mine and forever shall remain in my bag, it is my life and my decisions no one else’s responsibility to drag,

You live your life your way, as the wisest of men run – as fast as you can – if you fall you’ll learn a painful lesson, if you win you’ll learn to conquer!



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