As I sit here..

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As I sit here, having a cup of Latte, enjoying the espresso and frothy milk over it, and there’s someone who couldn’t even afford to drink a sip of water in scorching heat at 50° Celsius,

As I sit here after having few days with my loved ones, taking back the little fights and abundant playful memories, not realizing the pain of someone who just lost her entire family in an ocean while being politically chased,

As I sit here thinking what if my friends and family had same opinions as mine and we would have no issues for misunderstanding, ignoring the fact that there’s someone who has no one to talk with,

As I sit here scrolling on my smartphone my Facebook account because over to simply pass some extra time, avoiding the entire fact that there’s someone who is fighting with life and death and is begging for few more minutes to see this beautiful world,

As I sit here with a stomach full of fruits, yoghurt and omelette thanking myself for not overeating – so that I don’t get extra calories – I forget that there’s someone whose willing to work 24*7 to earn a loaf of bread for her family to protect them from starving to death,

As I sit here, realizing that small things and blessings in life can be acknowledged or simply neglected. What we choose changes not only the life but the entire milieu around us.


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