..because I have realized, I have started!

Life is about learning and earning the best of everything. The best of values, culture, religion, belief and many alike. My mind somehow always ignored the notion of growing old with increasing age and slowly – with time – this notion seems to get more bold and strong. Ageing, for me, is just a procedure and age is a parameter of the same, your cells in the body can go weak, your power might mitigate, your skin may loose and none of these biological processes are under your control (although medical researches are trying to control this and have been successful but not completely). On the other hand of the biological process, if you desire your vision of looking at this world can increase to a million times, the ability to listen and think before you act can improvise and the ultimate being – in our case the Human – shall stay alive in the memories and as an improvised human being in the history of mankind. I am of very strong opinion that we – only with the power of realization and comprehension – can take hold of the time and our lives and try not get old, die and lost in history forever. I believe, we have the potential to grow young with time by growing in our thoughts. With this realization that I’ve came across in my life I…

  1. I have stopped judging people as I realized, ‘the judgements most of the people around me had were simply my circumstantially affected behaviours’,
  2. I have stopped lying because I realized, ‘a lie is a pleasant and comforting form of breaking trust and faith that could’ve been saved otherwise’,
  3. I have started greeting people when ‘someone’s smile made my weak and stressful day’,
  4. I have started complementing people about their beauty since, ‘it is not the beauty that appears on the face it is something people carry within their souls’,
  5. I have learned to stay quiet in conversations because, ‘sometimes it is the listening ear and calm body language that makes people relieve their stress and smile again’,
  6. I have started forgiving people ‘when I realized I beg and expect for the same forgiveness from others when I am wrong’,
  7. I have started appreciating the love and concern of my family and friends since I realized ‘the best of what they can give to me is the time they have me in their thoughts’,
  8. I have started donating my time to the needy because I realized ‘sometimes it is not the quantity of your donation but the quality of time you spent with them’,
  9. I have started valuing small moments of happiness with my loved ones since I realized ‘it is the life I live in these moments and not only the moments in my life that matters’,
  10. I have started to watch my thoughts and desires because I realized ‘thoughts shape your mind and mind affects your entire lifestyle’…


So, as life is about learning and earning the best of everything why not start with your own self and stay young at mind and heart forever!!





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