You are better ..than you expect!

Coming from a small town, small community or a poor family doesn’t make you small. What makes you – small or big – is you, your own self. Your mind and its setting – in short mindset  that affect your dreams and their desires, which further affect your efforts, affecting furthermore your being – which eventually can be big and worthy or the other way round small and ineffective.

I am not a reader, I did not read too much and neither did I get to talk much to many people who read a lot but, I write. I love to. I am no expert in writing either but, still I do because I love doing it. Coming back to the point that I’m not a reader so I don’t know much about wise words from so called wise people. However, until now I have some of my favourite quotes, that I grew up reading. One of my very favourite is from a famous Indian personality Mahatma Gandhi. It goes like this:

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”

Just like I am no reader (but trying to become these days.. 😉 ), I was no thinker. I never thought too much about things around me, neither studies nor other activities but frequently getting across these aforementioned quotes I was changing, my mindset, my dreams and desires and so were my efforts. I come from a small but extremely beautiful (if you don’t believe check this out) city in India where I went to small but an amazing school. I was an average student in studies but a little over average in extra-activities. I knew I am no special person but I somehow also knew that I can be one.

The day wasn’t far when a little change in my mindset changed my dreams and my efforts and I became someone, someone special, someone worth and someone big – in my own eyes and my world. I completed my bachelors and masters in computer science and was thinking that it could not be me. I am the same person who has been average throughout my school life and today I am so special for my own self. But then, I realized yes, it was me and yes it is the same me but with a new direction and aim in my life.

I have been – I still am – a sort of rebellious child and that is why, may be, I never believed that some of the quotes that some people write about life can be true. I always thought each one of us lives in our own way but, there are few things that we – the human species – has in common. And one of that is the Power of Thoughts. Think bigger to grow better and to achieve the desires you dream of. The more you realize the power of your thoughts the more you will be stronger within. Have you never heard,

“A pen is mightier than a sword”

and if you have, then did you ever think what drives the pen?




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