The Ends are Lose..hold it Tight!

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No, you don’t simply see and let it go, you see, think, wait and let it occur,
no panic, no worries and no concern, as they’re not your dreams that shatter,

it has become so easy to live inside our own casks, burning with anger and hate inside but wearing pretty masks,

walking out with selfish thoughts and self-centred life goals, in order to pay back we chose our leaders at the polls,

poverty, corruption, falling economy are results of bad governing politicians, we are the nicest of all even after endless, thoughtless and ruthless actions,

she got a Nobel peace prize and he too, wow we need more people like them to serve people around us, no matter how much high ignorance we carry within us against all that bad fuss,

it’s a high time we realize and step up to help on our own and not just expect others to do some good – so that we can clap just like wax clones,

if it is our world, our family and our life then it is our duty our moral obligation to help make this world a better place to live in and win over every tugging strife,

let’s not just simply see, let it go, think, wait and let unpleasant things occur,
let’s panic a little bit, not with worries but a bit more concern, as they’re not our dreams that shatter..

Be Alive, Live a Life,
Make it Big, Blow the fife,
Get up and run, Stand to Fight,
The Ends are Lose, if it is not You, then there is no one to hold it Tight,
So just, stay Alive and Live a Life!



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