not the world but the soul inside..!


History is what we know but future is what we can make and present is where we stand today,

every great achievement is once an impossible thought, an unseen dream, an unspoken fact,

but someone, one of us, gives this thought a shape, an eye to this dream and words to make it true,

but it is not easy, it is hard and demands tears and sweat, dedication and devotion, love and affection,

we are happy, privileged and strong today because someone (or many) have made the impossible possible,

and to return the favour and to fulfil our duty it is our turn to carry forward the legacy of proud being,

a being who is free and wise, a being who struggles with a smile, a being that can conquer not the world but the soul inside.

I know, all my fellow Indians, you celebrated Republic day today.. but let it not be the only thing we do, let us make sure to honour the generations which have passed and to build a much better way for the ones to come after us, come what may!!

Have a happy republic day!



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