Strange SunSet..brought me to Life!


It is when the sun was setting and the milieu had been dim, I was walking alone and was struck by an abrupt glimpse,

I wondered how did it come to me, I wasn’t day dreaming but may be this is how it was supposed to be,

people were around, but a little far away from me, and what I had in front of my eyes none of them could see,

it was getting darker and the feeling stronger and stronger, the intensity was rising as the climax was arriving,

and then everything stopped, utter silence, I did not hear a word from the people around and neither did they hear from me,

something was special about this moment, the setting Sun stared at me and suddenly it set me free,

free from my thoughts, from my fear, from my anxieties and doubts I had been chained since long, and then I stood up strong,

I now could hear people smiling and enjoying, so could they see me content and glad,

it was a strange feeling of my existence, my being…my being present at that moment, my being happy at that second, my being content with my life and all I had with me. My being ME and being the being I ALWAYS EXPECTED MYSELF TO BE..





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