Mighty judgement power!!


‘No no no, hang on and hold your step. In fact go one step behind..what did you just say? I mean, do you really mean it or it is just for this moment you decided to talk crap and behave childish and throw in garbage almost every lesson you learned until before this moment happened…this can’t be true. You can’t simply be this because I expect you to be much more mature and sorted out person. You can’t just do anything you feel like without realizing what you’re going to do and what harm can it (will it, for sure, indeed) bring to the internal and external you???’

I just struggled and uttered all this to my own self a couple of minutes ago. And once it was over, I thought and realized what was I going to do? But it didn’t seem anything new or abrupt to me as many of us face this every single day, or week or month in our lifetime. Yes, we do. Needless and doubtless to mention, we do judge and make our own claims and statements about people around us WITHOUT even actually knowing the reality. In fact, some judge even after KNOWING the reality as these people tend to live in their own world of thoughts, mind set, opinions and the like.

The first type of people are the ones who tend to understand everything they see, hear or grab from their surroundings from other additional senses in their bodies. One person smiled, ‘oh she is happy and she likes me’, someone did not smile, ‘seriously, such a pathetic person, can’t even smile’. Someone passing by laughed, ‘I don’t look funny..ill mannered’, someone did not laugh loud during a joke, ‘dumb as she is, didn’t understand the joke’…and the list of such event continues from the very own home to office to shopping mall to street to restaurants to bars etc. And there is no end neither to these events nor to the very venomous thoughts tugging the minds thinking and QUESTIONING each and every single bit of everything they experience…

The second category is – in my personal opinion – even worse than the former one as here people are KNOWN to the feelings and emotions of the other ones yet they JUDGE and DENY to accept the reality. Someone did not smile, ‘she told me yesterday she was ill but I wonder..I think she is just faking’. Someone passing by laughed, ‘I heard his partner cracking a joke but I know she was laughing at me’, someone did not laugh loud during a joke, ‘she is stressed with her work but still I think she is really dumb..who wouldn’t laugh on this masterpiece’. Trust me when I was writing this, with so much confidence ;), I really could recall so many people with such behaviour.

I knew judging anyone at any point in time is a cheap act as one can never step into the shoes of the other person and if it is possible then it is never the same experience. And today when I almost was doing the same I was hit, by my own self. I do not like people who judge me or question my actions when they know not even a bit about me and my life then how can I be the same doing exactly what I hate with someone else. But as someone said, “if mistakes are realized and not repeated again then you’re ascending as a person”, I realized it and so just thought to share it.

No one knows what is happening in our lives and so don’t you have any idea about theirs. Judgement or questioning the activities and decisions of other people is ACTUALLY (most of the time) none of our business. Humans are nice and kind, what is inhuman are the thoughts (of course the circumstances and some inappropriate choices some make) that add venom into the lives. And we, childish as we are, remain calm and enjoy the venomous circle around us created by us thinking about others.

So, next time before you judge or question someone else’s actions, opinions or statements remember: Judgement and indulgence in the life – other than yours – is mighty and it might hit stronger than expected..!!’




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