Choose it to Be it!

You are not not what you are born as..but you are someone who you chose to be. You chose your own self, your own being, your own existence and its worth. You could not chose your parents or your brothers and sisters but you can chose what parent you want to be of your children, what sibling you want to be for your brothers and sisters.

Choosing is one way of changing. The way you chose, how you chose and what you chose is what you become as a human being. People believe in destiny, people believe in science, people believe in religion and some don’t believe at all. Belief is a good thing but choosing what to belief changes your entire opinion about everything. If you chose to believe in destiny you will be hit hard by destiny. Sometimes you’ll be lucky sometimes unfortunate. If you chose science, you’ll have to walk the logic way, in that case emotional things would hit you hard because you won’t be able to understand them. If you chose religion, well, you need to be patient and accepting. You can’t expect answers to your questions.

Either of this makes your opinion, your intellect and your existence. Irrespective of how you are shaped you become what you are. But this is not it. Whatever choices you make you have to bear the consequences. Good or bad, happy or sad, fast or slow and so many alike are consequences existing in each of these choices and this is how we are moulded. The more we are ready to face and conquer the stronger we become. The more stronger we are the wider is our acceptance and the wider is the acceptance the larger is the horizon of our knowledge and our being.

So, choose wisely because: we first make our choices and then our choices make us..!


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