The Man of The Millennium …

The Millennium Man

Should I call him The Man of the Knowledge who said so much on dreams and pleasures,
or should I call him the Millennium Man with thoughts worth so many treasures,

who showed not one country but the entire world the power of knowledge,
could you believe someone becoming a President after selling newspapers with a degree from college,

who says some people need reservation (quota) in jobs or education,
who has the will works it anyway, it’s not the money or favor but the true passion,

we grow in a dream world religions around with less practical facts,
in a country where education is holy some of us pay money to get degrees and later become spoiled brats,

his beliefs, thoughts and mindset shook the souls of millions,
with his life coming to an end the number of eyes with tears crossed billions,

what we learn in school is very rare implemented in our lives,
most of the moral values stay in books or in our personal archives,

Knowledge it is, and Knowledge it shall be,
that brings us out of the myths and dramas and shall make us free,

truly he said, success story reading gives you messages to learn,
failure stories give you tips to be successful and earn

no no..success equals money is the wrong equation to run for,
strive for the true Knowledge and success shall come forth,

a HANDSOME can make lots of girls happy and probably also break their hearts,
but a HAND-TO-SOME is what brings people together and save them from breaking apart,

he did not teach to defeat people around but to win them,
still do you think, it is worth being rich and not becoming somehow like this piece of Gem,

we did not lose him that’s just a mythical fuss,
death kills the body but the values and the morals remains with us,

with a bowed head and soul I am thankful for having a person like him in our lives,
and will try my best not to leave my Knowledge in archives,

in the memory of the man, I am confused to call ….
The Man of the words who said so much on dreams and pleasures,
or The Millennium Man with thoughts worth so many treasures!!


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