A gesture of TRUE LOVE!

Where most of us like watching films of red lipstick actresses and youngsters like enjoying the sparkling bubbles of Youth, have we thought about those whose lips have cuts out of thirst and kids begging to have a meal for themselves

No, probably we don’t. A small reminder to those who think life is all about ENJOYING every moment, LIVING your dreams, LAUGHING loud, PARTYING hard and TOO SHORT to worry, do not forget to close your eyes for a short while and think what if suddenly these aforesaid capital letters are swapped with BEGGING every moment, DYING in your dreams, CRYING loud, RUNNING hard and TOO LONG with worries… I hope you could feel the pain!

Do not ignore that someone around you might need you. A small help of clothes, food, shelter, education, finances might change an unprivileged person’s or families’ life and make it much better and happier to live.Charity is not done by money, it is done with true passion. You can donate money to charities but when you donate your self you donate humanity. And after education, it is humanity that increases with donation. 🙂

TRUE LOVE is nothing unless it makes someone TRULY HAPPY and to fall in true love is RISING in HUMANITY!


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