Humanity has it all !!

With a population count of 8 billion we are surely a specie that can spread fast. And with the advent of Science era we have also been thinking faster and becoming more clever.

But do we ever ask ourselves a question, I mean of course we do ask our selves, pretty often, way too many question, but I am talking about a question that I think is The Question of The Life and it is none other than The Life itself. Have we wondered about the beautiful and stringent procedure of getting born, growing up (trying to stand up and fall again), entering teenage (doing crazy things ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), going to college (having crushes :* ), getting married (awesome experience ๐Ÿ˜› for women ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), having babies and so on and on.. Isn’t that lovely, and full of memories. An experience that is worth a thought. I am sure, even while reading this some of you would’ve smiled – at least a little bit.

Now have you wondered what a life, which is almost similar to this but slightly different? Getting born, growing up (in an underprivileged family), entering teenage (and learning to beg money or steal food), going to college (but sitting outside because you can’t afford to enter), not being able to get married (because you’re penniless), and simply watching people having fun with their new born babies. Such a life is not even easy to describe in words but, so many people around us live it – in fact struggle with such a life every single second of their life.

Putting into easy words, we might not see or let’s say overlook number of underprivileged people living around us; begging around us; striving for food or lacking basic necessities of life. Why don’t we ever think about them, and if we do why don’t we take some actions? Small actions like saving 5% of our monthly salary for Charity. Charity can be anything: giving clothes and food to poor, helping a student with her/his education, donating our clothes and shoes to the needyย and the like. May be these are small actions but they are actions. Haven’t we been learning since our childhood – ‘something is better than nothing’…and we know this then why don’t we implement?

Learning 2+2 = 4 in Maths, or two Hydrogen atoms mixing with one Oxygen in Chemistry, or Photon discharging energy doesn’t make us great people. Although science has done wonders but Humanity is what has brought Science into the existence. We have discovered our ways out of serious diseases and illnesses, we have sent our best autonomous machines to explore planets and space, we have found interesting ways of farming and what not. Why can’t we then think of doing a little help that can change the lives of others too? Is it too intricate to lend a helping hand and thereby lending your life for the good of someone who is not as privileged as us? Is our heart too small and this problem so big that we can’t understand it? Or is it the other way round, that our mind is too big and it prefers to ignores the issues of helping and making someone’s life better? I don’t really know.

For a long time I thought, No expectations give you the true joy, but now I believe, Joy comes in being what you are – a Human, and Humanity has it all!!


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