Truly beautiful? You will agree !

I do not know how it feels to be black, I do not know how it feels to be white either..but one thing I know is how it feels when someone judges you by your color. I come from a country where you will find people of all skin shades: brown (very often), dark brown, fair (wheat shade – as we call it), and white. I have two best friends from my school and they both belong to the last category of skin shades – white. Trust me they are really white..but hold on, WAIT. So what? So what if they are white? Should they stop being friends with me since I am NOT white or I am brown? Does it make sense? Yes it all does.

In a country where the first thing to demand while finding a girl for marriage is: “Ladki Gori hai kya? Fir to sundar hi hogi..” translation: “Is the girl fair (white)? Then she will be beautiful.” Seriously? This means all the beauty pageants which crowned brown or black girls are a waste of time. Or in other words, they do not know what is beauty all about? How stupid these people can be spending so much of time, money, effort and man-power on nothing but a wrong notion and crowing the so called – Not White Girls!

Well, they aren’t stupid but those people who think WHITE = BEAUTIFUL. Beauty doesn’t come from color or skin or religion or country or money or any of the materialistic thing. It comes from within. Above that who are we to decide what is beauty? It is an individual’s perspective. For someone, beauty could be the rising sun and for some blind person beauty can be the bark of his/her dog. Neither can beauty be precisely defined nor can it be connected to one particular component. It can’t be encompassed within the boundaries and specially color…no way!

Sometimes I really think – we are living in a World where the skin color decides the enemy and not the knife in the underarm..


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