If you don’t read this, you’re missing something very important!

Making a difference!
Making a difference!

Well, a hell lot of people write blogs and out of those – written blogs – a hell lot go UNSEEN, UNNOTICED and UNATTENDED. I don’t blame people for that, and why should I? Every one has a complete authority to do whatever they want to. In fact, I don’t even deserve to question them since I was no different from them. I never read articles, never read news or anything that made me aware of things going around me. And by ‘things around me’  I mean things like: Global Warning, Ebola Breakout, Over Population, Illiteracy, Deforestation, Pollution , and so many of them…actually the list is unending. So basically in short, I have been simply irresponsible and unaware citizen of my lovely country, India, and yet I thought I am cool and smart enough to live my life.

Well, fortunately, that time is now over. Looking back I see myself wearing a black mask over my eyes, big headphones on my ears and a big chain around my hands and legs. Technically like a person trapped in a big room full of her own EMPTY thoughts and ZERO abilities to do anything in life and still WHOLE BAG full of confidence that I am someone; someone who is talented and cool enough to change this world. Funny, right!! 😉 Well, in this whole past review thing, the only good thing that I had with me was my WHOLE BAG full of confidence in me. Although I had no idea what is going on in the Word I wanted to change it..isn’t this CREEPY!! Actually, it is not..and that is where lies the beauty!

We, the Humans, are very intelligent species, as far as we (The Humans) are concerned). We are clever, capable of understanding, taking our decisions, differentiating between good and bad, right and wrong, smile in pain and cry in happiness (I am sure each one of us has experienced this once at least) and what not. We believe, we started with stones to light the fire in woods and now we have found the speed of the light, sent missions to go to the moon, constructed a big space station hanging in the space with people living there for months, have got different plant species breed to produce a new one and etc etc..So, we aren’t dumb species at all, no doubts in that..though may be not the cleverest ones (you never know aliens exist 😉 ) but still we have that X – Factor in us!

But what is my point? Yes, people write blogs, they go unseen, I was like them but now not and humans belong to a clever specie… what then? IGNORANCE, is my point! Even after having so many successes in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, why do we still have so many issues? Why is our planet facing the problem of Global Warming because we have cut so many trees (no matter whatever the motive was) – the lesser the trees are the bigger is the amount of carbon-dioxide in the air that mixes with greenhouse gases leading to climate changes; why do we have Illiteracy because we do not care about the population – the more citizens a country has to feed and support, the lesser are the resources for the same; why do we have cities and countries where pollution is a real concerning threat – the more auto-mobiles and industries we have the more are the poisonous emissions in air. The list doesn’t end here, it goes on and one. And for what reason, our ignorance towards society, nature and our future generations.

No wonder why there are, one after the other, movies with the theme of saving the world and spreading awareness that WE ARE THE ONES who can change things in a way to make them better. May be we are not able to do it alone, may be it takes months, years, decades or even a century but at least we need to understand and realize the importance of our so-called – Blessed To Be A Human thing. I or you need not to sit in a room with closed eyes and ears and chained hands and legs like a prisoner in our own EMPTY thoughts. In fact we must start un-chaining ourselves realizing that when a little chic falls down from a tree it does not leave the hope and strength to fly rather it runs a few meters, takes small steps, goes to the edge and then throws it self to the world and flies! And the best part is, it doesn’t do it to show the World how cool it is, but because of the reason that it knows it is amazing to fly free!

So, in a nutshell, even if there exists a hell lot of blogs, books or articles about Inspiration, Change The World, Believe In Yourself etc. etc. (mine adding one more to that list) you need not to read them all..but if you get to read one then don’t be IGNORANT towards it. Don’t throw responsibilities on the shoulders of the government or the scientists, you are, in your own, the head of this planet and to make justice with your life, try making a difference! 

If you can wish to make a difference, then you can make it..the gap is only between the wish and your will.. and I am sure, our species is brave enough to clear such small gaps!

🙂 🙂


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