We are SAME and yet DIFFERENT !

After a long break I am back to my dear Blog, and this time I really have something serious to write. Actually not too serious but yes a little bit, in my opinion. I often hear from people criticisms about other people, and no wonder I myself too, sometimes, belong to this category. But in all these days of working and managing time, sometimes behaving indifferent to my loved ones and harsh to the ones I am very close to I believe that most of us tend to judge others and make an opinion about them due to some reasons.

We are humans and I believe there just finite choices to live this life. Some of us live in one way and some the other. And during this we tend to believe that we’re better than others or others are bad and we are good. But have we ever thought how do we do these calculations? How can we come to a conclusion of equating people on one side (which is evil side) and ourselves on the other (which is definitely good and lovely).

Do we not see that we all are exactly the same in the sense that we all are humans, we all have emotions, we all face good and bad time, we all react weird and sometimes we’re literally like a Nuclear Power Plant who wants to explode..and in this time we have been extremely bad and ill-behaved with the people around us.  On the other hand we’re different because we all have our own, special ways to deal with our problems. Some of us would decide to stay calm even during the bad time, some of us would decide to stay patient and let things go and wait, and some would certainly explode. So in short, we all have, once at least, faced a time when we think similar, we’re stressed and lost and disappointed with failures but we all reacted different and this is what makes us Different.

But what gives us the right to JUDGE others and define them bad or ill-behaved or whatsoever we think about them? What do we think of ourselves when we look in the mirror? Well we all look beautiful to our own-selves because we want to look like that. Who would want to see a bad-image in the mirror. The moment someone doesn’t behave the way WE expected we simply forget and forgive our bad deeds and become immediately and EXPERT of others’ life. We don’t give a moment to recall the time when we behaved the same, when we were in trouble or in sorrows and acted like a BAD BAD and really BAD PERSON. We are so well programmed to always keep our own self on the safer and nice side of our judgements and others on the edge between the good and bad. So that the moment there’s something unexpected for us we just kick the other into the bad side and act like the HOLY GOD!

So, in a nutshell, in all these days of staying away from my my DearBlog, I learned I am no one to judge others, and I shall understand a simple mathematics rule that if 2 + 2 = 4 then 3 +1 is also 4, 0 + 4 is also 4 and 5 – 1 is also 4. Which means, if I see a 4 I do not know what was the calculation that led to this result. And since I do not know everything I am not the right person to define it a good 4 or a bad 4. And if I still do it, then I deserve to have a 0 which is nothing!

😉 😀


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