Invite to be raped!


For a group of people with big FAT beliefs in their religious rituals and cultures but a small mindset, for people who are PROUD to belong to their country, for the people who literally DOUBLE-FACED and for the people who WORSHIP Goddesses with one hand and beat female-human beings with other, I have something to say…

It’s been a long time, just sitting and watching videos over and over again,
I decide to do something but then sit quite and think why the hell should I take any pains,

as a matter of fact, I am a woman, YES, I am one, and I am happy to be one,
but if I step out of my house at night for a party that I’m the one who is DUMB,

I am supposed to go to school and come back without having friends,
I MUST always wear long covered dresses no matter whatever are the fashion trends,

I should get up early, cook, shower and look decent whenever I walk out,
I should always keep staring at the ground and never am I allowed to shout,

I should not talk to boys – because it’s like playing with the mud,
the mud will remain lovely but I shall be called a SLUT,

I shall always walk around in the mall or a shopping area with 0 – ZERO attitude,
If I try to wear modern clothes and by mistake someone looks at me I am a PROSTITUTE,

“Red” is the colour I should never use as a lipstick,
because NICE girls use Vaseline or Lip Balm, red colour is for the sluts who want to look Hot CHIC,

If I am overweight I am fat, but I now try to be well-shaped,
but with this body I am not allowed to go out because I INVITE TO BE RAPED..

What the hell…..did I just write? actually, all the hell is LITERALLY RIGHT !!

This for that whole bunch of people who think everything I wrote is absolutely correct and that is how it should happen everywhere with girls, I have one simple request, please have guts enough to say, “I am GAY”, because if you are so interested in giving every right, every freedom, every happiness and every enjoyment to a guy then, no matter whatever you say, you probably do not know that you were born GAY !!


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