Another Learned Lesson!


For a very long period of time I was in this dilemma that I am born to help people and improve the way they see things. And of course for a the same long period of time I was never successful in doing a single thing I had planned. Nothing went the way I wanted, every person around me was the same, even after talking and discussing things with them didn’t convince them that they should change themselves, their thinking and their behaviour.

And after that long period of time, today I came to the conclusion that I was hitting my head against the wall when I had a hammer in my hand. Well, I mean its pretty clear, we all want to have people around us, and these people should think, speak, behave and do stuff that we feel comfortable with. But that’s not right. Each one of us has the same thought for each and every person. In scientific language this is a NP-hard problem and this creates trouble in an exponential way. In layman’s word – this is DIFFICULT and very near to IMPOSSIBLE ! and trust me, this time you can’t break the word into I-M-POSSIBLE.

We can never, in fact, we should never try to evaluate others no matter whatever and however the conditions are. We are free to sympathize, also empathize but we must never evaluate them. It’s like trying to know how the other person’s taste buds response to a meal that are also eating; how the eye cells reflect to a picture that you also see; what signal the other person’s brain is sending when you both are sleeping … Seriously? This isn’t possible. Each one of us is born different and during our lifetimes we face different circumstances and behave differently. Rather than wondering and wandering to evaluate people around us, we must evaluate our own self.

Once we change our thoughts, we will see this World with a different and perhaps better vision, once we change improve our eye sight we can see things clearly,
once we know how a meal tastes we can decide whether its worth sharing or not,
once we know how it feels to sleep we can help others mitigating their troubles and help them sleep too!

Life’s short and simple. We make it troublesome and then it looks longer and boring. We need to look inside and at ourselves to see how can we make things Better and not Bitter!



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