Learning of my Day!

Trust me, its important!
Trust me, its important!

We often waste our time thinking and correcting people around us,
we think we’re just contributing in clearing the fuss,

in all this we forget that someone who needs to be corrected is our own self,
our life’s book is within us but we waste whole life in searching in someone else’s shelf,

if we wish to look at others and correct them and they would think the same for us,
then each one of us would be the passenger and no one would stand-up to ride the bus,

we can’t achieve anything unless we take the responsibility of our own,
no matter how much water you give to the plant, without the sun’s light it can’t be grown,

we are the light to ourselves and then we can light the things which are around,
unless we push ourselves towards betterment we’d remain sitting on the ground,

so, think before you try to give an expert advice to people around you,
just work on yourself and don’t forget that to your own self, you have to be TRUE !!



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