Religions never bounded us – WE DID !

The real reson behind our bondages!

There is no doubt that RELIGION plays a big and an important role in almost all of our lives. Some of us like it, some of us just hate it, some of us have blind-faith in it and some just consider it a part of their lives. But if we think with logic we come to a conclusion that religion is not something which came into existence with a Big-Bang, I mean it has no scientific reason behind its existence. It exists simply because our ancestors made it and with time and so many generations it simply evolved.

The people who led the foundations of religion probably did it for some reasons which could be any of these: may be they wanted people to follow something so that a group of people think alike; may be some people wanted to rule and therefore they wanted others to follow what the leaders have made; may be they were wise people and learned few things of wisdom and wanted others to learn them too and decided to choose religion as a medium; may be ….other reasons which none of us know. But whatever the reason would have been, one cannot ignore the side-effects of religion. It’s a fact, every thing in this world has 2 sides, good-bad, white-black, up-down, left-right, male-female and the like. All I want to say is, when we think that we are bounded by our religion in doing a thing or the other than we must correct ourselves, we aren’t bounded by our religion but our CHOICE to choose religion to bound us.

Some people don’t consume alcohol because their religion say it, some don’t consume meat because of course their religion says it, some of us pray every single day because our religion says that God will be happy with this and will pay us the reward by giving us whatever we wished for! But But But –

religion didn’t say NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL – the people who led its foundations did, religion didn’t say NOT TO EAT MEAT – the people who led its foundations did, religion didn’t say PRAY EVERY SINGLE DAY – the people who led its foundations did….

and these people had their own good reasons – perhaps – for saying so. Drinking alcohol after a limit is bad for a human’s health, eating meat by killing animals is violence (I believe in it may be you don’t, its okay šŸ˜‰ ), praying every day simply make you habitual of doing something daily that implicitly helps you meditate. So basically, with time we have changed the meaning of such things..we think our beloved God (who so ever it is – Ram, Allah, Jesus, Buddha) would be angry if we do something which is not said or something which is against the saying in our religion. The truth is, we simply bound our selves and most importantly OUR THOUGHTS to one thing – RELIGION !!

It’s a true thing, a human is the servant of his/her own thoughts and nothing else. And by believing in religion we simply blame it for whatever WE DO or WE CAN’T DO. This way we think that we’re good people because we follow our religion but actually we the WEAK DEVILS who cannot and do not want to take blame on our own selves. Eventually we end up living a fake life with a mindset of being good and nice where on the other hand it is completely opposite. Why can’t we be strong enough to take blame on our selves and do whatever we want. We are the species with something called intellect and intelligence which can be used to live and grow in our life time.

I don’t say Religion is bad, I just say the way we perceive it is simply wrong and if this is changed you may see the real meaning of religion. Be yourself, get yourself out of these fake and self-made boundaries. Probably religion does not made the boundaries and wishes nothing else than you taking your own responsibilities and Being a Good Human!



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