Racism – a belief, not Universal fact!


None of us is born with a mindset to treat the other person bad. This is what we learn during our lifetime on this little and lovely planet called Earth. I have never seen two kids, may be lets say 5-6 yrs old, telling each other who is superior and who not. Have we ever given a while to this vicious circle that we build inside us treating ourselves to be superior or thinking that we belong to a community that is better than the other community? I mean, what makes white better than black; what makes a catholic better than a protestant; what makes a Muslim better than a Hindu; what makes a Buddhist better than Sikhs and there are many things to include. But there is, and has always been, a simple yet BIG question, What makes us better than others? And the answer is – there is actually Nothing!  literally Nothing! that makes one better than the other.

A black is a colour and so is white; a catholic believes that Pope is the substitute of Jesus whereas protestants don’t and so what? Muslims believe in Allah and Hindus is Rama but so what difference does this make? Yes, we are all born different and therefore we all will have different thoughts, believes and lifestyles. What does it really matter? Go to blind man and ask him to tell you who is black and who is white; who is catholic and who protestant; who is Hindu or a Muslim. They can’t and this what makes them, may be, better than US – the cool people with eyes. Eyes that create more differences than what actually exist. Eyes that should adore the beauty of seeing a rainbow but unfortunately can only see black and white. Eyes that instead of making this world more beautiful and better make it bitter and hard for future generations.

Have we ever imagined, a day where all of us treat all of us equal. Where the only thing that makes us different is our names and nothing else? Think about it, and then think what more you could have had enjoyed had this utterly negative discrimination wouldn’t have existed. Which create walls and borders between people, societies, genders and most importantly the blessed and one the most intellectual species of Human Beings!



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