Critical Learning of the DAY!

Critical Learning

I have, these days, started believing in a simple rule that says, “Tit for Tat” on yourself. We often hate almost everything in others. Specially things or habits we don’t like. But do we ever think, what if the other is also thinking the same. And even if we do think this, we just answer, “I don’t care what he’s thinking of me”.. but the whole story changes when we wish others to change for our convenience, our happiness, and our satisfaction. We criticize – if we have an opportunity – the bad in the other person to an extent which is unbeatable. We don’t lost a single chance in pointing ‘The EVIL’ in the other person rather than looking our own Evil which is actually currently – and always – keeps on pointing the negative of the other person.

Well, if you’re thinking that you belong to the same category then don’t worry, I am in your team and yes, don’t be in a shock if I tell you that almost 99.9% of the whole human race is in our team. It’s some sort of genetic disorder that all of us carry. Our motto is “Point Out in Others – Out Loud”. Phewww, not good. Not at all. As a child, my parents taught me Do Not Point at others. As usual, as if I care. I didn’t change until the time I felt so awful seeing others pointing at me because of one or the other reason. And that was the day, I — I —- I still didn’t stop pointing but started saying, ‘Three fingers point at yourself if your one is pointing at me, so just watch it’! 😛

Seriously, as a teenager you simply do whatever to not to improve yourself but prove others wrong always! But today, I learned a simple lesson that my parents had always taught me as a child – do not point at others. In fact I learned more, pointing is a small problem, the major problem is pointing bad in others, and then the worst case – expecting them to change for us! Whaaaaaat? No way, why should they? And who are we to even ask them to do this. It’s not correct and so damn selfish of ourself!

So basically, in short, its pretty easy and fascinating to ask others to change and define them The Bad Guys with reference to our expectations from them. But its hard and really difficult to do the same on ourselves. The more you learn to do “Tit for Tat” on yourself, the easier and happier your life will be!

😉 🙂


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