black or white is not what my eyes see!

I free you from the time and make you go far,
I give you the rights to shine — shine like a star,

black or white is not what my eyes see,
I just happen to be a human and want other human to be free,

this life or another, one of us has to make it happen,
there’s no evil in it, if you think you have to be an assassin,

nature saw no boundaries and made us all one, similar, The Same,
we are all equal, all humans, just have different names,

you think money makes you rich and better from the others,
think once more and you’ll see that money is the biggest clutter,

but it’s not only money, some of us feel superior because of the religion we belong,
at least I have never anything else than Unity that makes us stand strong,

some learn in childhood, some during their adulthood,
some just don’t give it a damn and believe that they’re pretty good,

I wonder how skilled we are at dividing our own human race,
and then run marathons for peace, all at the same pace,

a diamond cuts a diamond is what we learn from non-living things,
we need to be together and not own different kingdoms like kings,

the struggle and loss of lives in war may not have come to you as a loss,
human kills human in a fight to choose ‘Om’ or a ‘Cross’,

millions have died, and billions are still struggling the dark,
no one special but all of us have to bring the spark,

colour, caste, gender or nationality are just boundaries that we’ve create with time,
have you ever seen any one of them from the highest mountain that you climb?,

we’re a very small planet living in this whole big lot of universe,
our Brain and judgement is a bliss to evolve and not to discriminate each other with a curse,

stop it now and make things happen, its been a long time now,
it’s the time to change yourself than thinking what can be done to raise awareness and how?,

don’t make your ass up the place, if you’re sitting,
just get thoughts high enough and fight before quitting,

Love is not what happens between two people who stay together,
it is something that brings a feeling of oneness for all and it stays forever,

this Valentine, I wish we experience love in the air,
and when in the night we look at the sky and stare,
we see the world the way it is, no boundaries and making everything fair,
where all of us accept the other as the way they are and we care,

and we free our thoughts from the time and make them go far,
give them the rights to shine — shine like a star,

black or white, hindu or muslim, male or female is not what our eyes are meant see,
we just happen to be humans and should make ourselves free!



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