Will you leave ME ?!

I had never envisaged
it will happen this way;
a time will come
when I’ll have nothing to say,
In so many past days,
weeks, months and years,
it was all good things on our way,
But suddenly what happened
that the life turned its way,
without intimation things reformed
and we kept moving ahead on our own;
With nothing to bother, now it feels alone,
Life isn’t a bed of roses,
neither a bed of thorns;
it’s a path to walk with the seeds in your hands
and tears in our eyes that are never gone,
We have an option to nurture the seeds
let them bloom into beautiful flowers;
to make them so soft that they turn
into soothing showers,
A rose is beautiful and is appreciated
till it’s young and fresh;
thereafter its place changes
from a vase to the trash,
Should humans be treated the same way
or have some place and respect of their own;
or they’ll be valued once they’re gone,
I could never comprehend
how a meek mistake
could turn into a devastating disaster;
a life that was full of joyous
and happy moments few minutes before
turns into a black capacious room
faster and faster,
You can never predict your life,
your destiny neither;
but should learn to move on and on and keep
trying till the end from a spider,
I know, no one can be perfect ever-
in fact never- also,
being perfect leaves no space
for improvements for forever;
but I don’t say I don’t want to be perfect;
I’m trying hard for it,
but then again, just because I can’t be ……Will you leave ME……. ! ! !????


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