Making a Differ-ence!

I was just scrolling through some online pages to search few things and I came across this ‘Make a difference’, and I was stuck. As always, my slow mind took some time to react and my fingers stopped to scroll the mouse to continue my search. I was forced by my brain to think about this and understand what exactly does this mean.

Well, to an extent, I succeeded. After a while, I could question myself, how can someone define what it is to – make a difference ? I mean, make a difference in your life, in some one else’s life, around you or in this world? And I think, it’s a blend of everything. Making a difference is best when you make it everywhere. But how? Is it that simple: yes – then why haven’t we all made it, no – then how can we do it?

Actually its a yes and a no, both. Difference is nothing but a smartly formed English word. Take two words – “different” and “influence”. Use the prefix of one and suffix of the other and you have it – difference. This means, making a difference is actually about making a different influence. No matter what it is, yourself, your friends, your family or your surroundings. You need to make an influence which is different from all others that are existing.

Can you imagine some people who had done this? Of course, you don’t have to think too long, Einstein, Edison, Martin Luther king, Bill gates and many more. What do you think these people did and why are they always in discussions? Because they had a special influence, each one of them had something that was not created in the past, each one of them established something that was different and something that was worth an influence. And if they can do it then why can’t you?

Go ahead, think about it and do it. But don’t look for others appreciation for what you do. Never do anything for others to notice. If you are convinced with the difference you created then stay happy and keep going with it. Make it bigger, broader and try to improve what you could, rest leave on people to perceive. Because none of us has the power to control what and how others are influenced, we can only make thing different and let them have their own influence. A blend of this, will someday, make a Difference!



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