10 -9 -8 -.. Think More, Continue and Enjoy the Success!

Well, thinking is something I am addicted to these days! Phewww, no wonder why there are n number of books, poems, articles and similar stuff in this world. The more I think, the more I want to think and the more I think –I think – “why the hell I am thinking so much??”. But, actually, I found out that its good to think since it allows you to:

1. Think about something – anything – no matter what, then,

2. Eventually you will end up thinking about yourself, then,

3. You will desire to know your own self more, then,

4. You will carefully watch your habits, actions, surroundings and other things, then,

5. You will be able to see more clearly what is not in order, then,

6. You will try your best to bring things in order and arrange them, then,

7. You will see still things are problematic and will question What Now??, then,

8. You will be desperate to know more and you will think deeper, then,

9. You will find the problems like social issues, family issues, study issues, work issues and the like, then,

10. You will try to arrange them πŸ˜‰ , hopefully – but gradually – you will succeed, then,

11. You will think what can be done now, and then,

12. You will think, ‘how could I do everything, I just did?..Impossible. I can’t handle so much of stuff on my own’, then,

13. You will……naaahhh…

this time you will NOT THINK but will have faith in Yourself that You are Amazing and You could handle, arrange, make things in order and refurbish the world around you into a LOVELY PLACE!!

So, next time you start thinking, don’t go mental, Just Think More, Continue and Enjoy the Success!

πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


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