the beauty to realize !


How often we appreciate from where we come,
things we learn in school are the only things to be done?,

no, of course there is a lot more of stuff around us,
so much of beautiful things we have that are free of fuss,

Nature is one of the many wonderful things one can think of,
everything is lovely, flowers, plants, trees, even the ones that are dwarfed,

a walk in the fresh air in the forest is better than a drink in bar,
how much will you run away from nature it is within you, you can’t go any far,

look at the dog who loves to be outside for a walk in snow,
birds chirping around, sometime flying against sometimes with the wind’s flow,

butterflies may fly miles to extract the juices from fruits,
squirrels sleeping in winters and then searching food they stored is so cute,

parrots trying to mimic makes every one laugh loud,
monkeys jumping from one tree to another attracts the attention of the whole crowd,

pigs playing with each other and happy laying in the dirty mud,
a beautiful flower blooming out of a small bud,

our ancestors had saved it for us to enjoy this beauty,
nourishing it and forwarding it to our generation is our duty,

why not then resolute to spend more time loving the mother nature we are gifted,
no one’s life is better with bag full of problems that are so twisted,

come on now, take a deep breathe and have a walk around,
shut down the brain and listen to some bird’s sound,

How often we appreciate from where we come,
are things we learned in school – the only things to be done!?



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