you are the world you wanted to BE!

a trip to the land of fairies and flowers,
where you see everything flourishing and happy showers,

one step ahead takes you to the cuddle spot,
one step back brings you back to whatever you thought,

looking with telescope will show you the beautiful universe,
this awesomeness is not which in a short blink of your eye would disperse,

you walk, run and dance freely with no fear,
there’s no need to see with glasses since everything is crystal clear,

a freedom to think, talk, discuss and implement is what you get,
this is the place where with your best buddies you have met,

you cook, you eat,
on the best music ever you tap your beat,

come back home, sleep, waiting for the new sun to rise,
this is world is beyond imagination and cannot be compared with any price,

BUT, where is it? Haven’t heard about this before,
have searched everywhere, from the top till the core,

I cry, I feel sorrow and pain,
things that I had imagined were so amazing, but weren’t could I be so lame,

I sat in the corner, quiet,
in the dark, surrounding me was no light,

suddenly, it was brighter again, flowers in the garden and sun up its height,
I wonder how is it possible, in a fraction of second things went bright,

I heard then my heart calling me, what you’ve been searching out, its within you,
fake is what you have outside, inside resides the one who is true,

stop searching the world which you possess,
to have it out is not a hard process,

look within you and you will find,
there are many things to smile and less problems to unwind,

walk ahead with a lovely heart,
bring to the upfront your best cards,

and then you will see,
you have been the world you always wanted to BE !!



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