Full of hate – thinking to be great!l

In this world of passion and hate,
People envy each other and call themselves great,

With heart full of anger and fire,
They feel pleased in killing each other’s desire,

What is the point of teaching the kids to love one another,
When anyway after growing up they decide to fight with their own brothers,

Love is human nature and this is what brings us to humanity,
Why, still, inside our hearts we have so much of calamity,

Being kind and calm is how it is supposed to be,
There is no other way where we can let our souls free,

Rama, Christ or Buddha – who so ever you follow,
All have taught the human race to be kind to their fellows,

Judging who is right and who is wrong,
does this make any sense when life itself isn’t so long,

What could we ever achieve by blaming the other for the bad,
Why don’t we look inside our own lives and be glad,

I wonder when will be the day when we will realize,
We aren’t the strongest but the Time which flies,

Small is our journey on this earth and small is our presence,
Why can’t we make the best out of it and leave behind us a beautiful fragrance,

Together the ants can build a whole colony with the spirit to work in a team,
I wish we too could understand it and not just sit and scream,

We have the power and the opportunity to build the entrance to humanity this date,
Let us build with this our own fate,

And not let bad things happen in this world of passion and hate,
Where people envy each other and call themselves great..



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