Being Gay – a crime!

I seriously think what would it be like to be a homosexual? Is it easy, difficult or beyond imagination? I think all three of it. It actually depends which country you are from or you live in. I am not very well aware of the statistics that describe how many country government allows being homosexual and how many abandon it. But it is not important since I believe that being is something similar or equal to being heterosexual. It is natural, one cannot simply change this behavior in a human being.

It is very easy to talk over topics like this but it is very painful for the people who face the bad attitude from friends and family, society and the so called the Government. How would it be for a parent to see their child being arrested and given a death penalty or put behind the bars for being a homosexual? It is not the fault of the parents neither is the fault of the person himself. What kind of laws are they which define a homoseuxal as a criminal? If being homosexual is a criminal then according to the rule of Equality, being heterosexual is a criminal as well. What is the damn difference between the two? The former says, “I like and want to be with the person of the same gender as me” and the later says, “I like and want to be with the person of an opposite gender”.

Well, the difference just lies in the literal meaning of the sentence. And if a government, society or an individual thinks – on the basis of these two words ‘same gender’ – that this individual (a homosexual) is a crime then I wonder what kind of mental level they are at? Some justify their thinking by supporting themselves using the so called religious writings. They say, its written in their holy books that a human being is just supposed to be with another human being of an opposite gender. Seriously?? What kind of crap is this? I would really want to counter them telling them that if this is what they believe-in and follow then why don’t they see another statement mentioned in ther so holy and amazing religious books that ‘Treat all humans the same. No one is different from one another. All are the same. All have the right to live, speak and desire’ How can one statement from a holy book become more important than the other?

I know, this is because of the choice. Everything depends on the choice. We see, what we chose to; we speak what we chose to; we hear what we chose to and filter everything else. And this choice depends on the mental level we live with. Why often people say, education is important? It is because they knew, it enlightens you in way to braiden your horizon of seeing, hearing, speaking and thereby helping this world to improve and shine better than before. But this is also not a 100% sure case. People who are the government of a country are also educated but, they have different thoughts. Some of them accept happily someone’s homosexual nature others just condemn it. And these others are the people who will never let a country or the society grow.

Quoting Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I add into this, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world given that you are unbiased towards your own race: your own people, open-minded to accept the beauty of the nature, blessed with an instinct that allows you to treat each one on this Earth as a being who has the right to be what he/she is.

I wish,

    a day will come when each person living on this Earth will treat the homosexuals equally,
    a day when attending a marriage of two homosexuals will be applauded the same way as heteros,
    a day when two-men or two-girls can walk hand-in-hand freely on the roads and thank each other to be in their lives!



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