You can be a Santa to someone this Christmas!

Who doesn’t want to be loved and taken care of? It is irrespective of the age and gender, country and state, color and caste, and all other whatever extra stuff one can think of. Why do I now say all this? Each one of us is well acquainted with this. It is nothing new..but it is a matter of pure co-incidence that I was exposed to such a sheer feeling in past few days.

It happened because of a recent activity organized at my university by UNICEF people where they had put a big Christmas tree in a building with 100 wishes hanging on it from 100 different kids who are living without families under the aegis of UNICEF. Next to the tree, was a big text mentioning that these are 100 wishes from un-priviliged children for this Christmas. Whosoever is willing to help, please pick up one and bring to us the gift. I was touched, and why shouldn’t I be?

Can you imagine, a life without a family, your father-mother, a sibling or grandma-grandpa? A life with people who you simply know because they live in the same big hall. A life with similar people like you, who have no one to talk with? It isn’t easy. Think about it once. Think that you are one of that child who has to write a wish on a piece of paper and have to wait until you get it true. You are not even sure whether it will be true or not, whether someone will even read it or not, whether someone will even think about buying you something which is a big Christmas gift for you?

Pheeww, it brings sadness to me to think of it. I have known since long that this World is hard to you, but I think the hardest are the circumstances. Just imagining myself at the place of that child who now must be sitting in a hall with some of his/her friends, who are equally helpless, waiting to be adopted, is horrible. It is so painful that it breaks you in tears. I live a life where I can go anytime, anywhere in the city and buy myself anything to eat, wear, spend and do anything I wish to and at the same time, in the same world, there are thousands of children who just wait for their 1 wish to be true. Who don’t even know what life they would have had with their family or the loved ones.

It is worth a thought, why can’t we think it over this for a few more minutes and think about a solution. A solution that may be is not able to change their whole lives but possibly bring an inch of smile on their face, peace and satisfaction in hearts and relief in their life that someone is there who they can rely on for their wishes to be true. Think about it for a while and try becoming a Santa for someone you don’t know. It isn’t difficult, because no matter what we do today, whatever age we are, wherever we live, whichever religion we follow, at least once in our life, each one of us have experienced that happiness of our wish turning into a reality. Its our turn today to share this happiness with someone else!

🙂 🙂


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