The better side of destiny !

Listening to my wealthy friends about their worries and dying hope,
I feel bad when they say “life has less reasons to live and smiling is beyond scope”,

Worries are also not real just imaginary and for a short time,
Some of them need more money from their job and some’s diamond ring has lost its shine,

Some say they want to break their relationship and run away,
“I’m fed up of my parents and siblings” is what some others say,

Few want to buy each month new trousers and new handbag and caps,
Others just party every weekend not realizing the time lapse,

Marriage is a burden for some and children for some others,
some want to have stress-free life and run away from their ever complaining mothers,

I wonder, have they ever felt what a homeless feels,
no friends, no family, no party and every single day his smile is what his bad destiny steals,

Sitting nowhere in the middle or corner of a road or station,
what they feel, happy or sad, sick or healthy no one is for them to pay attention,

Some are homeless and some jobless, some just orphan since years,
all they have some nice memories of few seconds and rest is all tears,

I wish we could understand the pain and stress of them and stop complaining about our small worries,
there are more worst things in people’s life in real and not just in stories,

All I’ll say is have strength to fight back the little worries you have and support the poor and the needy,
what can someone have from shooping everyday and have more money like a greedy..

Listening to my wealthy friends about their worries and dying hope,
I wish soon they’ll see that everything they have is already beyond the better side of destiny which they can merrily cope!


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