I shall always Try!

With the lights around and funny sounds I see life is a merry go round,
Towards nothing people run with no fun and sweat hard in the Sun,
They have so many blame with no shame even when they themselves play the same game,
Some of the good ones mile walking even half a mile building a better world with small tiles,
Honesty is gone with devils being born strangely sometimes you can also see their thorns,
Beauty is no more inner but just an outer show with fake glow,
Impossible it is to look within because the inner light has gone dim,

I wish there will be a day come what may, people will say, “so what I was being rude, its not permanently glued,
I can change because being good and human is nothing strange,
Someone made us all equal and so must the movie of life has its positive sequel,
Easy it is to be bad and then feel sad hard it is to be nice and fight for the right,
But whatever it is love can be felt both in a hug of your partner or your mother’s kiss,
life is beautiful and so am I, come what may, being Human is all what I shall always Try.”



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