Changing the Point of View!

With a world so beautiful around us and mother nature so caring, I wonder why we have a factor of giving up, and that too – too early. We often don’t bother to give a thought that a problem possibly whatever we perceive in our mind is simply the projection of our mind onto the Real world – which is indeed in of the cases a false image of the realtiy. I call this fake view of the real world as – “Our Viewpoint”!

Interestingly “Our Viewpoint” of a problem is complicated enough to distinguish from the real problem in other terms. But the story doesnt end here, it is furthermore more compliacted to understand what is the real issue? If what we see is our viewpoint then what is the “Actual Point?” Since like me, all people would have their own viewpoints of the same problem that is there infront of my eyes. Isnt it? And above that, one of that viewpoint has to be true. What if none of the viewpoint of 7 billion people in the whole world is true? Then what is the solution? Is there even a solution? Sounds funny. It creates a whirlpool of so many questions in few seconds which probably has no answer(s) to it. Or if there is one (many) then what are they and how can we find them.

I believe what we see is what we want to see. Which means that all we do or see, think or react to depends upon how we see it, and specially from what point of view we see it. The tallest tree in the world which you could never imagine to climb would look small like a bush when viewed from an airplane. From the same plane the Pacific Ocean that you would never imagine to swim in would appear like a small lake where swimming and diving is a child’s play and nothing difficult.

Well this all is the stuff that each one of us already know. Of course something huge when viewed from an altitude much bigger than the height of the object itself will look smaller. So in that sense whatever I have written was actually nothing more than a repetition of words that people have already been saying. But what we fail to do is, implement this known fact in our real lives. Life is nothing but like the tallest tree and the never ending Pacific Ocean, and so are the troubles in it. We often tie ourselves too tight in the troubles and failures we face. We overestimate them and their consequences. Sometimes there do exist the difficult and challenging troubles but nothing comes without a solution. And every possible thing in this world has more than one viewpoint, or in other words I’d say different points of view. Using which we can solve our troubles much better.

All we need to realize is that we need to change our angle of view, re-caliberate the focal length, widen the aperture and then try taking another picture of the same view. Perhaps the negative will be black and white or may be more imprecise in the information but the real picture would be probably better than before. If not better, I guess it would be different than the previous one. And this new picture would give you a different point of view to the whole scenario. What then? Now you have the knowledge, the approach and the output of things infront of you. Solve it the way you want, and master the art and advantage of existence of “Different Viewpoints”. Its just like having 3 satellites around the Earth, each making 120 degree with the other gives a complete view of our entire planet. So can we have the complete view of our troubles and then can solve them better way.

Remember one thing, the different viewpoints you will manage to collect would also sometimes include the viewpoints of other people. Like I said before, 7 billion people in the world would have approximately 7 billion or more views about the same problem. So learning to accept others view point is another art that you possibly would learn in this process!!



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